The Waiting Game

As I sit here and wait for my mother to get out of surgery, I’m understanding and learning so much. It may be odd, but I appreciate this moment I have of waiting. It’s been 2 1/2 hours since they began surgery and the way God is allowing me to see the way His grace, love and mercy works is outstanding. As I wait, I will praise Him no matter the outcome. His will, will forever be greater and better than my own. The God I serve is faithful and filled with the kind of love, wisdom and grace that I one day hope to represent in my own life. 

Remember this, no matter the outcome, God’s will is greater and better than your own. Trust in God completely, because He knows best.

Find Your Passion

In order to find that one thing your passionate about, you will start and end many projects. Don’t lose hope or patience. Enjoy eveey adventure and do your best at it. Only tjen will you truly find what you love. Also keep in mind that not everything we love is good for us. Certain things must be let go. How will you know? Simple. Allow God to carve your path.

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Are you struggling? Fight to see the light.

Everything is great? Fight to keep it that way.

Good or bad, we must continue to fight.

Never giving up on our faith or dreams!

No matter how good or hard it gets.

Don’t lose your guard.

Their is purpose in the fight.

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